Diagnostic Tools

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Radiographic Imaging

X-rays play a vital role in veterinary diagnostics, offering valuable insights beyond just broken bones. At Mayfield Veterinary Hospital, we utilise state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology to examine the size, shape, and position of organs within your pet’s body. X-rays can also help us detect foreign materials such as bladder stones or even tennis balls that may be causing discomfort or health issues. In some cases, we may employ a technique called contrast radiology, where a special material is introduced to highlight specific areas that may not show up clearly on plain x-rays. This allows us to obtain detailed images and gather important diagnostic information to guide treatment decisions. To ensure the highest quality images and the comfort of our patients, pets undergoing x-rays will often require sedation to keep them calm, still, and comfortable throughout the procedure.


Ultrasonography is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows us to examine your pet’s body systems without the need for surgery. Unlike x-rays, which primarily visualise bones, ultrasonography is often superior for imaging soft tissue structures. At Mayfield Veterinary Hospital, we utilise advanced ultrasonography techniques to diagnose diseases affecting the abdomen, chest cavity, and even tendons. Dr. Nigel Dunn has a special interest in ultrasound and has completed numerous post-graduate studies in this field, ensuring the highest level of expertise and care for your pet. With our new ultrasound machine, we’re able to obtain more precise images and make accurate diagnoses. While undergoing an ultrasound, your pet may require sedation to keep them calm, still, and comfortable throughout the procedure. 

In House Laboratory

As veterinarians, we understand that clinical examinations can sometimes provide limited information when diagnosing illnesses in animals. That’s why we are equipped with an advanced in-house laboratory, allowing us to perform a wide range of diagnostic tests to further evaluate the health status of your pet. From urine tests and bloodwork to needle biopsies, skin and ear cytology, our skilled team can quickly and accurately analyse samples to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s condition. With most results available within the hour, we can provide timely insights into your pet’s health. For more complex blood testing and tissue analysis, we partner with a commercial veterinary pathology lab, ensuring comprehensive and accurate diagnostics.